Even as far back as the sixties Mansveld supplied solutions to Philips, creating custom-made lighting controls for one of the world’s first real brand centres, the Philips Evoluon in Eindhoven.

The seventies saw trade shows becoming increasingly important. Philips travelled around the world exhibiting their products and Mansveld designed and built all the technical services for their highly innovative technical stands. Mansveld expanded its client base by providing this service to other large companies. A dedicated team was born, Mansveld Expotech, from which IMP later originated.

During the eighties the trade show business grew further, as did Mansveld Expotech. Audio-visual equipment became more advanced, the shows grew bigger and show control was introduced.In addition to trade shows, Mansveld Expotech also designed and built an increasing number of fixed installations.

The nineties was the decade when PCs became popular, and this also changed the landscape of the professional AV and show lighting world. Mansveld introduced the first software programmes which created more complex and spectacular shows. Trade shows were still an important market, but fixed installations were becoming increasingly important.

The first decade in the new millennium saw the number of fixed installations grow even further. To serve this growing market, a group of specialists was split off from the trade show business and Integrated Media Projects, IMP, was founded. With a dedicated team, the focus was on high-end fixed AV and show lighting installations, including show control. One of the highlights for the IMP team was the realization of the Heineken Experience.

Here and now
Mainly due to referrals from our enthusiastic clients, Mansveld IMP is expanding. The team now consists of more than 35 specialists who create stunning new projects as well as supporting and updating existing projects. We hope your project will be our next highlight.